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Introducing Jenny

As you know Jess will be taking some time off for Maternity Leave from Friday 12th February and I, Jenny will be your main point of contact moving forward.

I have worked at Bath and North East Somerset Council for seven years and as Events Officer in the Outdoor Events & Weddings Team since 2017 – providing advice and guidance to Event Organisers looking to hold events in our outdoor parks and open spaces. I have also worked on many of our own events such as Tour of Britain, Tour Series, Bath Spring Fair, Summer Sunday & Remembrance Sunday.

Most importantly, I have helped Jess with weddings for the past three years, therefore I have vast knowledge on the running of weddings in our heritage parks.

Having worked in the Outdoor Events & Weddings team throughout the COVID-19 pandemic I understand the flexibility that is required and have experience of implementing the required safety measures.

I love getting creative and seeing all the wonderful ways in which our venues can be transformed and personalised to each couple. One of my personal interests is handmade macramé – At the Temple of Minerva you can hire a beautiful macramé backdrop that was handmade by myself, perfect for that boho vibe! For those of you that like me also love macramé, I will shortly be creating unique macramé wedding accessories such as bouquet wraps, chair pieces and décor items, custom pieces can also be made on request.

I look forward to meeting you all and helping you create your perfect day!

Best wishes


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