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Wedding Wellbeing

The most recent Government announcement has given light at the end of the tunnel for weddings in the UK and here at Heritage Park Weddings we are over the moon that we could potentially see weddings back with no restrictions after 21st June!

For some this means full steam ahead with full wedding planning but for others this still means that they may not be able to go ahead with the wedding that they had originally planned, and what should be the happiest day of their lives is now bringing some sadness and disappointment, wedding planning can be a very busy and sometimes stressful time so is important to implement self care and check in with your wellbeing!

Incorporate the 5 ways of wellbeing into your life to ensure you keep sane during wedding planning:


When wedding planning is getting the better of you, don't bottle it up! Connect with loved ones and talk about how you’re feeling - If the current situation means you’re unable to have the wedding you’d hoped for or if you’ve had to postpone - you’re entitled to feel disappointed, allow yourself to feel what you’re feeling and let go of guilt. Just talking through the situation or obstacle will make you feel better - talk through your options with those closest to you and find positives in the outcome.

Make time for friends and family - although you may be in regular contact with your loved ones in the run up to your wedding day make sure you make time for non wedding related chats, check in with your friends and family and keep those relationships strong

Be Active

Fuel your body with goodness and think movement, even if that movement is just taking a walk away from wedding planning. Prioritise activity over making those place cards, remember the endorphins will make you feel great and you will get those place cards finished!

Take Notice - Take back control and focus on the present, you can’t control the situation around you but you can most definitely control how you react.

Take time for relaxation - light a candle, have a bath, watch a film, listen to a podcast - whatever brings you joy, make time for it!

Wedding planning is most probably going to keep you up at night so practice ways in which you can wind down before bed, stop wedding planning a few hours before bed time and use relaxation methods to put wedding planning to one side before sleep

Make time for yourself but also make time for your partner - schedule a weekly activity where you dedicate time for each other, could that be cooking together, a mid week date night or exercise together - just good quality time together, prioritising your relationship.

Make the process fun - why not turn wedding planning tasks into date nights, collate your wedding playlist alongside a takeaway and a bottle of wine

Take notice of the present and enjoy the process!


Your wedding is a great opportunity to get crafty and learn something new!

Don’t see yourself as creative? Did you know that trying new things actually makes your more creative! Using our creativity has been proven to assist people in managing their mental wellbeing - when we’re being creative we become completely absorbed by what we are doing and in hand this helps to focus the mind - very similar to the practice of meditation. Creative motions result in the brain releasing dopamine - the chemical surge that boosts the mood!

Do you already consider yourself as creative? Well don't leave your hobbies behind during wedding planning - these hobbies make you happy and keep you sane, but why not add another string to your bow and try something new!

As well as learning new skills, learn from other brides - do you have friends that have already gone through the process? Use their knowledge, soak it up!


Research has shown that giving has long lasting physical and psychological benefits, giving is also contagious - when one person gives it inspires others to do the same

Why not use your wedding to support your favourite causes for example charity favours or a fundraising hen do!


  • Getting wedding insurance - one less thing to worry about!

  • Delegating - use your friends and family to your advantage, use their skills

  • Still finding it too much? Consider finding a wedding planner

  • Planning down time after your wedding - whether that be a week off work, a weekend getaway or a honeymoon - remember take notice and enjoy it!

Invest in your mental health - you won’t regret it :)

Happy Wedding Planning!


Commercial Manager

Heritage Park Weddings

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